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GameSHINE PORTAL is a global crowd sourced online Game & Art news feed.

 A platform that connect:

  •  Gamers with artists,
  • Gamers with Distributors
  • Gamers with Licencees
  • Gamers with Buyers
  • Artists with Buyers
  • Artists with Licencees

 Everyone is welcome to share their games and art industries related news, media releases, promote games, events, exhibitions, artwork, product specials, etc.

Submissions must meet certain standards and online etiquette.

Our editors will review the posts and reserve the right to remove them from our feeds if necessary.

  • News must be Game, art and design related!
  • Products that related to Games & Art
  • Submission must be in English
  • Submission must be of certain standard!
  • Submission must be of interest to our audience.
  • We do not allow spam!
  • Will not tolorate internet Trolls.

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